How to help athletes forge stronger identities

Helping Athletes Forge Stronger Identities

I had a conversation recently with one of my former runners who is about to start his teaching career. He said, “Coach, remember when you had the team run once a year with the elementary school kids as a way of promoting running? You came up to me and said, ‘Patrick, I notice that you … Continue reading Helping Athletes Forge Stronger Identities

How to Create a Strong Sense of Team

“A group of people wearing the same uniform does not necessarily constitute a team.” Team unity is a very real entity that enhances everyone’s chances of success. When a leader can get the entire group to commit to their own improvement and success and to their teammates’ as well, amazing things can happen. It is … Continue reading How to Create a Strong Sense of Team

How to ask an Athlete to Leave the Team

Asking an athlete to leave the team is a serious decision on the part of the coach. At best it can serve as a much needed wake-up call that hopefully proves beneficial in the life of a young person. At worst it can result in a lasting stigma of guilt, shame and embarrassment. When it … Continue reading How to ask an Athlete to Leave the Team