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This book is in itself a great coach!

Our family has been involved with basketball for many years as players, sponsors and authors. It has always inspired me to learn more about how the really great coaches achieve their success both as well-loved respected persons and in the effectiveness of their players. Tom’s title intrigued me and I have been very happy to have read his book. He includes not only his own insights but those of many others and covers both positive and negative issues involved in coaching. We all need to be coaches throughout our lives working toward team efforts in whatever roles we take on. This book is in itself a great coach and I will be recommending it to many of our friends.

Elaine P. Whelan, Amazon Customer

The writing is excellent, the examples timely

This book is essential reading for anyone who coaches. The writing is excellent, the examples timely, and the overall message is extremely positive. This book is destined to be a coaching classic.

David A. Tanner, Amazon Customer

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