Hire Tom


Coach Sexton is an accomplished speaker and enjoys presenting to teams, coaches, teachers, athletic directors, parent organizations and business groups. Some topics include: the honor of coaching, the nature of motivation, creating community, the culture of bullying/hazing, dealing with the difficult athlete, positive versus negative reinforcement and characteristics of inspirational leaders.


Group discussions take place around the following questions:

What does it take to be a good teammate?

What are my responsibilities to my coach, my team and my school?

What are some reasonable expectations my coaches might have for me?

What can get in the way of team unity?

What are some reasonable expectations athletes might have for their coaches?


These group discussions take place is a classroom setting and take between 60-75 minutes.

Coach Sexton likes to meet with the coaches and their team before their season starts or early in the season.


Coach Sexton’s teams won over 70 percent of their meets over the past 45 years. His team won the league championship in 2016, and was undefeated in the two years before he retired.


Coach Sexton has been featured in DigitalSports, has written for UK Coaching and has spoken at athletic events. Click here to see what coaches are saying about his book.


If you’d like to host Tom at your next event, please fill out the following form or call Coach Sexton at 267-847-0410.