How to help athletes forge stronger identities

Helping Athletes Forge Stronger Identities

I had a conversation recently with one of my former runners who is about to start his teaching career. He said, “Coach, remember when you had the team run once a year with the elementary school kids as a way of promoting running? You came up to me and said, ‘Patrick, I notice that you … Continue reading Helping Athletes Forge Stronger Identities

Villanova Presentation: Recap

On Tuesday, November 13th, 2018, Coach Tom Sexton was a guest speaker at his alma mater, Villanova University. The topic was “Seven Principles Essential to Team Formation in Sports and in Life.” Sexton discussed the value of team strength and explained why some teams come together and function more effectively than other teams. The presentation was geared to … Continue reading Villanova Presentation: Recap

Philadelphia Coaches’ Conference: Recap

On May 15th, 2018 Coach Tom Sexton was one of the presenters at the Philadelphia Coaches’ Conference at Drexel University. The topic was “Coaching- A Sacred Trust- Coaches As People Of Influence.”  The main theme was that coaches make a lasting impression on their athletes to a far greater degree than one may realize. Coach … Continue reading Philadelphia Coaches’ Conference: Recap

How to Create a Strong Sense of Team

“A group of people wearing the same uniform does not necessarily constitute a team.” Team unity is a very real entity that enhances everyone’s chances of success. When a leader can get the entire group to commit to their own improvement and success and to their teammates’ as well, amazing things can happen. It is … Continue reading How to Create a Strong Sense of Team

How to ask an Athlete to Leave the Team

Asking an athlete to leave the team is a serious decision on the part of the coach. At best it can serve as a much needed wake-up call that hopefully proves beneficial in the life of a young person. At worst it can result in a lasting stigma of guilt, shame and embarrassment. When it … Continue reading How to ask an Athlete to Leave the Team