Ron Silberstein, Amazon Customer

A masterpiece – great for coaches, managers, leaders…anyone, really!

This book is essential for coaches of all kinds. However, it also is quite valuable for anyone who is a manager, or a leader in an organization, a team leader, or anyone who is interested in how people can be encouraged to reach their full potential. It’s well-researched, imparting lessons from some of the greatest sports coaches of all time. It also draws upon Coach Sexton’s decades of successful coaching experience, from which he has figured out the approaches that work well, and the ones that are counter-productive. The writing style is very compelling; insightful discussions of coaching philosophy, strategy, and applied psychology are interspersed with numerous brief anecdotes where various athletes discuss their own experiences with coaches. In the process, a clear picture of “what to do, and what not to do” as a coach emerges. “Creating a Team Like No Other” is essential for all kinds coaches, but it’s applicability extends into many other areas of life. Very highly recommended!