Eileen Howald, Amazon Customer

A must-read for coaches (and any parent involved with coaches)!

This is a gem of a book. “Coach” takes his years of experience successfully coaching and molding young athletes and offers up this book full of advice on how to best coach, train, and support young people. Coach Sexton not only explains how the too-often-used “tough” approach to coaching is not as successful as his positive, supportive approach, but also can be harmful to young athletes.

I love the way personal stories are interwoven into the book as a way to explain his coaching methods. It makes for insightful reading, and also makes it easy to relate to – as too often the stories hit home.

This book is written from the coaching perspective, and is invaluable for coaches at all levels. However, it is also helpful to parents who have to deal with their children’s coaches. I think it can even be extended to parenting teens and young adults. I think anyone who reads this book will come away thinking about how they interact with young people – and see how their words and actions can have a profound impact. It is clear that Coach Sexton has a great deal of respect for young adults and has many years of dedicated and successful coaching knowledge to share.