Excellent, informative read.

If you are a coach or have a child involved in sports, this is a must-read. Furthermore, it’s highly readable. The author shares his wisdom from his long and dedicated coaching career. It would make a great gift for a new coach.

Lisdoonvarna, Amazon Customer

The writing is excellent, the examples timely

This book is essential reading for anyone who coaches. The writing is excellent, the examples timely, and the overall message is extremely positive. This book is destined to be a coaching classic.

David A. Tanner, Amazon Customer

Always have an idealistic goal and a realistic goal.

Although my high school cross-country career ended 23 years ago, I still clearly remember the words of Coach Tom Sexton before every road race that I run. The idealistic goal would be the time you thought you could run if you felt great, the conditions were perfect, the course was fast. The realistic goal would be the time you should at least be able to reach if one or more factors didn’t go your way. To this day, I always have two different time goals (basically a time I’d be satisfied with and a time I’d be really happy about). Great advice from a great coach.

Brian Ferrie, regular runner, attended Cheltenham High School in Wyncote, Pennsylvania

This is an excellent book…

This is an excellent book and highly recommended whether you are a coach of young people or a manager in a business. The reality is that all of us, youth and adults alike, are motivated when we are offered encouragement and treated with respect, and teams are so much more productive when the team members feel good about themselves, their teammates, and their team leader. Coach Sexton writes a very readable book with excellent, real life examples that clearly demonstrate the positive and negative consequences of different coaching styles. It would seem that this book would be most helpful to adults in a leadership capacity who are open to self reflection and change as necessary. This is a great resource for anyone who wants to create a “team like no other.”

JRC, Amazon Customer

A great read for coaches.

Being a coach myself I found Tom’s book to be very reflective. I found myself going back over how I handled and treated my players. I believe Tom’s book would be an excellent book for all those new coaches and even older ones if they are willing to change. Coaching can be lots of fun both for the coach and player and many players lives open up in sport. In my 35 years of coaching I enjoyed every minute of it but especially the kids. Tom has given many of his successful ideas to everyone in this book.

Steve E. Daley, Amazon Customer

Coaches’ Bible.

Enjoyed the book. All coaches, especially at elementary and high school level, should read this book.

Mike D., Amazon Customer

Inspirational and Wise!

This book, with its message of developing athletes through caring, high expectations, and encouragement is inspirational! Tom Sexton explores the qualities of great (and poor) coaching through insightful examples from his own coaching career and meaningful anecdotes collected from athletes and coaches. It is a must-read for anyone working with young athletes, but the lessons also apply directly to teachers who want to create a positive classroom environment and managers in the workplace who want to build an effective team.

Jeff Grabell, Amazon Customer

A must-read for coaches (and any parent involved with coaches)!

This is a gem of a book. “Coach” takes his years of experience successfully coaching and molding young athletes and offers up this book full of advice on how to best coach, train, and support young people. Coach Sexton not only explains how the too-often-used “tough” approach to coaching is not as successful as his positive, supportive approach, but also can be harmful to young athletes.

I love the way personal stories are interwoven into the book as a way to explain his coaching methods. It makes for insightful reading, and also makes it easy to relate to – as too often the stories hit home.

This book is written from the coaching perspective, and is invaluable for coaches at all levels. However, it is also helpful to parents who have to deal with their children’s coaches. I think it can even be extended to parenting teens and young adults. I think anyone who reads this book will come away thinking about how they interact with young people – and see how their words and actions can have a profound impact. It is clear that Coach Sexton has a great deal of respect for young adults and has many years of dedicated and successful coaching knowledge to share.

Eileen Howald, Amazon Customer

A masterpiece – great for coaches, managers, leaders…anyone, really!

This book is essential for coaches of all kinds. However, it also is quite valuable for anyone who is a manager, or a leader in an organization, a team leader, or anyone who is interested in how people can be encouraged to reach their full potential. It’s well-researched, imparting lessons from some of the greatest sports coaches of all time. It also draws upon Coach Sexton’s decades of successful coaching experience, from which he has figured out the approaches that work well, and the ones that are counter-productive. The writing style is very compelling; insightful discussions of coaching philosophy, strategy, and applied psychology are interspersed with numerous brief anecdotes where various athletes discuss their own experiences with coaches. In the process, a clear picture of “what to do, and what not to do” as a coach emerges. “Creating a Team Like No Other” is essential for all kinds coaches, but it’s applicability extends into many other areas of life. Very highly recommended!

Ron Silberstein, Amazon Customer

This book is in itself a great coach!

Our family has been involved with basketball for many years as players, sponsors and authors. It has always inspired me to learn more about how the really great coaches achieve their success both as well-loved respected persons and in the effectiveness of their players. Tom’s title intrigued me and I have been very happy to have read his book. He includes not only his own insights but those of many others and covers both positive and negative issues involved in coaching. We all need to be coaches throughout our lives working toward team efforts in whatever roles we take on. This book is in itself a great coach and I will be recommending it to many of our friends.

Elaine P. Whelan, Amazon Customer